Eight Limbed Yoga Teachers

There are a few recent blogs by Monica Gauci and Gregor Maehle, Yoga teachers who left Mysore in 1999 and never returned. Their blogs are beautiful, honest and insightful. I liked them so much I want to share them on my website.
I’ve been thinking that AY teachers who want to continue to venerate Pattabhi Jois and teach yoga adhering to his tradition/lineage/method ought to call it Vinyasa Yoga (honesty in advertising). And teachers like Monica Gauci, Gregor Maehle and others are much more deserving of the label Ashtanga (8 limbed) Yoga teachers.
Another Yoga teacher, Sarai Harvey-Smith did a great interview with J Brown entitled ‘Mysore and Beyond.’
Here is Monica’s post about why she left the Mysore community:


Here is Gregor’s blog about his initial response to my video interview with Matthew Remski:

My gratitude comment:
Thank you so much Gregor Maehle for your beautiful, honest, insightful and heartfelt response to my interview. Please don’t feel bad thinking that you could have or should have done something differently. I could have been one of the women who ‘simply smiled at you, shook their heads and walked on’ when you approached them about the sexual abuse. Thank you for believing me now, for understanding that sexual, spiritual and institutional abuse are complex and for not shaming me for not recognizing what was happening to me at the time.
Here is another blog by Monica which is a courageous and wise contribution the #MeToo conversation, especially in the yoga world:
To which I respond:
Thank you Monica for your wisdom, support and courage in sharing your own story. I’m so sorry that you were also sexually abused.
There is an inherent problem with the question, ‘Why did she let it happen?’ It assumes that the victim has control in an abuse situation. However with abuse, whether an isolated incident or repeated, the power of the victim to stop it and/or discern that it’s abuse is controlled and manipulated physically, emotionally, psychologically or spiritually by the abuser.
That people can ask this question is a testament to why victims don’t speak up sooner: We don’t want to be shamed and gaslighted with that type of question.